Mitek’s software automatically analyzes Big Data in Industrial Internet of Things (IoT). Mission-critical industrial systems rely on Operational Technology (OT). In Industrial IoT applications, the OT data are collected and managed by IT systems. We provide value-added advanced analytics for the converging IT and OT systems of Industrial IoT including:

  • Data-driven Predictive Analytics for systems and fleets that uses innovative mathematical methods to build models from big operational data sets.
  • Model-based Prescriptive Analytics to achieve desired outcomes and realize business value for Industrial IoT applications with high confidence.

Mitek accelerates operational deployment of data science and engineering knowledge by using open analytics architecture that allows integration with customer models, algorithms, and systems.

What We Offer

In the past, advanced analytics for mission-critical applications were developed by big companies such as GE, Lockheed, or Honeywell at great expense. Mitek Analytics’ mission is to make advanced analytics technologies broadly accessible for Industrial IoT participants. The Big Data IT and innovative mathematical methods make this possible. Mitek Analytics offers to its customers:

  • Integrated advanced analytics software solutions; the software is compatible with existing big data platforms
  • Customization of our solutions to integrate existing data science and engineering knowledge
  • Analytics systems architecture consulting

To learn more, email us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or call 650-400-3172.

Why Mitek Analytics

Mitek Analytics is the only company offering value-added prescriptive analytics solutions for mission-critical applications in Industrial IoT. The mission-critical advanced analytics require rigorous design, verification, and validation. We make such ‘rocket-science’ engineering accessible to the Industrial IoT developers.

Mitek uses open architecture for its analytics systems. This allows integrating the existing knowledge from data science and engineering groups with our analytics solutions and its rapid deployment.

  • Our analytics can be integrated with many data management and processing platforms for Industrial IoT.
  • Our analytics can be integrated with third party tools for visualization and presentation of the results.


Our solutions are based on cutting edge research in Data Science for Industrial IoT. Some of the research can be accessed through the resources included below.

Technical Papers

  Intelligent Energy Systems Seminar at Stanford

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